Cubic Mandelbrot Gallery

Created with Fractal Zplot + Paint Shop Pro 7 + Photoshop 5

Sample Data Files for Fractal Zplot (non-commercial & personal use only)


Meringue (800X600 -- 237KB)


Boar (800X600 -- 239KB)


Speakeasy (800X600 -- 143KB)


Squibble Squabble (95KB)


Hang Ten! (800X600 --300KB)


Serendipity (800X600 -- 241KB)


Sunburn (800X600 -- 228KB)


Landing (800X600 -- 250KB)


The Turk (800X600 -- 158KB)


Criss Cross (800X600 -- 249KB)


Goblin (800X600 -- 185KB)


The Sentry (800X600 -- 148KB)

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