A Non-Mystical Preamble to Consider

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but history shows that might makes right in most cases. Violence begets violence and past grievances are rarely forgiven or forgotten. America prides itself on being the most perfect social system ever to evolve, but the same hypocrisy that led to a mass migration of countless peoples from the old world (namely Europe and Asia) threatens to persist here resulting in endless social unrest and unlocks the potential for mass bloodshed. The same evils exist to this day that have brought down empire after empire: greed, hunger and bigotry. Every generation a new war is brought about by the engineers of chaos, with rarely a justifiable cause or concern. But the underlying reasons remain the same.

In my younger generation the Vietnam War was the most traumatic issue of the day, following the assassination of President Kennedy. In my mind, being more intellectually framed than physically structured, I opposed the war for the simple reason it didn't make any sense to risk my young self for a questionable political dogma ( Communism must at all cost be stopped from spreading! ) I was just beginning to become self-aware and then some yokels in Washington wanted to take everything away. I was quite aware by the time my number was about to be called up that being sent to Vietnam was essentially a death sentence while the rich upper management could relax in their mansions and let the poor body count continue to grow.

America now faces its biggest crisis since the Civil War, I might boldly suggest. For every advancement in humanity and compassion that has been promoted in civil law and constitutional amendments, like taxation, there have always been counter attacks to the justice system that create division and want. There was never such a thing as a “perfect Union” that President Lincoln felt forced to protect. The same human slavery that existed in the old country was brought over to this country and even in its historic birth in 1776 constitutionally allowed to thrive. There was no clear justification in Lincoln's time (except might makes right) to fight a war that to this day leaves scars in both North and South. The same argument that Lincoln used to stop the Union breakup had in fact been argued by the lords of England in their attempt to suppress the American revolution. It was a flimsy excuse to authorize mass bloodshed between North and South families but mitigated in the end by the subsequent abolishment of slavery. We all know how hard that came about. Yet slavery still exists in this country in the form of wage slaves, incipient poverty and human trafficking.

The current election process shows how flawed our system really is. Innumerable lies continue to separate the parties until is nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction. But listen to the speakers before you cast your ballot for any one candidate. Is there violence and unfair bias inherent in the tone of the speaker or a calm concerned and friendly manner in the orator? Does the threat of increased taxes under a Democratic government induce you to condemn countless millions of people to lives of restless misery and uncontrollable crime? Can we change the current direction of this country under Trump and strike out for a bold new approach to end poverty and oppression once and for all? Or must the sins of our forefathers continue to baste in the sun and promote disharmony throughout the land? May God bless, but not without your help, my friends.

Terry W Gintz