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Into the Mystic

"Where the Endless Dimension Begins"

Site Updated: March 31, 2017

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Mystic Fractal features powerful yet easy to use fractal generators with all the options you need to create intriguing high-resolution images, artwork and 3D models. Explore the infinite geometry of fractals with our programs. The uses for our programs are practically infinitesimal. They are great learning tools too.

Slide into the driver's seat and experience it for yourself. Each fractal generator can take you into unimagined worlds far apart from the ordinary. (Many of our generators have free trial versions, including the 64 bit versions!)

Most fractal programs are limited to static two-dimensional images or require you to work with a cryptic interface. Montezuma and other generators in the Mystic Fractal line give you much more:

  • 3D graphics with Phong highlights, ambient occlusion and contrast controls for added realism
  • The simplicity of random image creation and push-button remote controls, for ease of use
  • Advanced 3D export capabilities [obj, pov, dxf] to programs like Bryce, POV-Ray and Vue d'Esprit, or as stl files to 3D printers
  • 64-bit Windows support and distance estimators on many programs for improved resolution, drawing speed and memory handling
  • AVI options to animate every image, so when you finish an image the fun is just starting!
  • Free program updates, so you always have the latest features available for download
  • Unlimited email support: we are always happy to see what you're doing with our programs, to help you understand the basics of a program, or to point you in the right direction if you get lost
  • Getting Started tutorials -- just in case you need a heads-up orientation
  • Proceed at your own pace: when you're ready for the nuts and bolts there are plenty to tinker with
  • Random batching -- create up to 1000 images unattended
  • Bargain prices -- as low as five dollars per program (or less) when purchased in packages!

Each of our programs is a different world to discover, but all are driven by the same simplified interface. So in the short time it takes to learn one program, you're ready to start on another. Then the programs begin to act more as a suite of programs, since many options such as palettes, formulas and textures are exportable from one program to another.

Follow the unwinding stream to wherever the road of life takes you, into the mystic, into no-where and beyond. The great stone Buddha sits over there, smiling and beckoning. This is the gateway. This is the Tao.

The science of fractals lies on the edge of infinity. Like Mobius standing on a world unseen, no one knows what's around the corner.

Let us show you.

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