Stone Picture Gallery

Intarsia is an inlay method of using semi-precious gemstone slabs to create picture artworks. Here I have expanded and revised the technique by carving depth into the pieces used to form the picture and/or embellishing the pictures with paint pens, sort of like artists do to add their unique signature to mixed-media silk-screened prints. Since I usually work from photographs to create these pictures, obviously not all of the detail in the photographs can be realistically captured in stone, so some tradeoffs have to be made. But that is the challenge and indeed the essence of the creative process in making these pictures. I have included a copy of the original photograph used as a model for each stone picture. Most of the pictures are 5X7 framed.

Click on the thumbnail to see the picture at its normal viewing resolution.

amsterdam beach_boardwalk bevster bryce cliff_house delicate_arch
Amsterdam Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk The Bevster Bryce Canyon, Utah Cliff House, Santa Cruz, CA Delicate Arch, Utah
eagle egret golden_gate grizzly ibis kawaii
Alaskan Eagle Egret, Alameda, CA Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA Alaskan Black Bear Cubs Ibis, Brisbane, AU Kawaii
koala lubeck marmot meerkat mexico polar_bear
Koala, Lone Pine Sanctuary, AU Holsten Gate, Lubeck, Germany Marmot, Pompeys Pillar NM, Montana Meerkat, San Francisco Zoo Mexico (from cruise ship) Polar Bear, San Francisco Zoo
red_lemur red_panda_lg red_panda_sm river_otters seals self_portrait
Red Lemur, San Francisco Zoo Red Panda, Australia Zoo, AU Red Panda, Sydney Zoo, AU River Otters, San Francisco Zoo Sealions, Santa Cruz, CA Self Portrait
sf_sunset sheep silverback spooky squirrel standing_stones
San Francisco Sunset (as seen from Alameda beach) Sheep, Gearrannan, Scotland Silverback, San Francisco Zoo Spooky (Fractal Art) Squirrel, Alameda beach Standing Stones of Calanish
stone_facings vertigo whales white_buffalo    
Stone Facings, Lake Powell Vertigo (Fractal Art) Whales, Alaska While Buffalo, Montana