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  Fractals -- What's a fractal? -- redefining reality
     More uses for our programs
        Fractals and the Imagination
            Life and Fractals -- Is there life after fractals?
               Stone-Cold Fractals
 News  -- News from Mystic Fractal
Programs -- Mystic Fractal Programs
           Quad Algebra
                 CQuats -- A new quad algebra for 3D renderings of Mandelbrot/Julia sets
                 Programming Tips
                        About Composite Math
                        Hypercomplex coding
                        Coloring methods
                        Quaternion mapping
     QuaSZ 64
     Fractal Zplot
     Fractal Zplot 64
     Fractal ViZion
     Fractal ViZion64
     Dofo-Zon Elite (free download)
Fractal Galleries
     Montezuma Gallery
     Mandelbulb 3D Gallery
     Mandelbulb/Juliabulb Gallery (Jules Ruis)
     Jules Ruis Shapeways Gallery (3D Modeling)
     Cubics DE Gallery
     Mandalabeth Gallery
     Newton 3D Gallery
     Pod DE Gallery
     Ocelot Octonion Gallery
     Hybrid & Zoom Gallery
     Quantum Gallery
     Orca Gallery
     Quantum Zplot Gallery
     2D Fractal Gallery 
       OS X Gallery
     Fractal Imaginator Gallery
     Swirlique Gallery
     Buddhist Fractal Art
     3D Fractal Gallery
     Bryce Fractalscapes
     Poemscapes Gallery
     Cubic Gallery
     CQuat Gallery
     More Fractalscapes
     Composites 3D Gallery
     Potpourri Gallery
     Octonion Gallery
     Animated Fractals
     Amorphium Tutorial
     Tracey Tears
     Random Gallery
     AVI Videos
     The Last Millennium
     Compositions Gallery
Bryce Fractalscapes  (free screensaver)
Carvings -- Carvings and other lapidary arts by Terry W. Gintz
      Links to my poetry galleries
     Links to my photography galleries
Comments -- Comments and Testimonials
Contacts -- How to contact us
     Bevster -- my wife and soul mate
Fractals -- redefining reality
     Published Works -- in addition to the programs and galleries
Aim -- Mystic Fractal's Mission Statement

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