Poemscapes 2 Gallery

Poems written from 12/13/01 to 1/20/08. Graphics by Orca. Post-processing and layering in Paint Shop Pro 7. Photos taken with Canon 10D and Canon D60 digital cameras. Not recommended for small children or those weak of heart...

Dedicated to Terry Wright, without whose encouragement I probably wouldn't have made the connection between fractals and poetry.

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Simon Says

Torum Decorum

The Messy Outback

The Fact In Fiction

Peach Fuzz

Resistance Is Futile

The Price You Pay

The Salt Trader

Designation Runes

Between Doctrine and Salvation

So Clearly Out of Bouonds

Pleasant Street Revisited

The Library Between The Lines

While Hope Is Not Bidden



Identity Thief

Idolizing the Third Reich Is An Insult To Humanity

Prep Talk

Short Circuit

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