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After growing up in a small island town in California, I found my soul mate Beverly in 1979.   By then my hobbies and interests were apparent, somewhat esoteric in nature, such as poetry and yoga.   Vegetarianism has been important for me since 1969;  photography a fascination since high school.   My wife and I share a keen interest in science fiction and fantasy, as well as a taste for spicy foods like Thai and Indian cooking.   (For the record, I have an A.S. degree in Electronics and an A.A. in Math/Science, and several years of college in other subjects, such as computer programming and baking.)   Lately, I've developed a keen interest in the lapidary arts, having joined MGSCV in September 2005. Every rock tells a story, just like fractals. When I'm not programming, you might find me carving and polishing stone, or out for a hike.

Fractals have been a passion for me since around 1984 when I read Mandelbrot's The Fractal Geometry of Nature. I designed my first iterative fractal program (then called ZPlot) in 1989 on an Amiga 2000 computer.   The original idea was to create a fractal program that could use any complex formula you typed into it (not just the plain-vanilla z^2+c.)   Since then I've added many other types of fractals, such as strange attractors and lsystems, and extended the complex math to quaternion and octonion algebras and beyond. A short list of my published works (besides fractal programs and galleries) may be found here . My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tgintz1

Terry W. Gintz


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