OS X Gallery

Created with iViZionaire, iSwirlique, iDynaMaSZ, QuaSZ Mac, MacOrbits,

Paint Shop Pro 7 and Bryce 5

Bof60 Zoom

Scanned Symmetry

Scallop Bryce

Rotated Generalized Zoom

Newton Phoenix

Newton Decomposed

Kleinian Bryce

Newton Generalized

Inside Fill

Outside Fill

Epsilon Eyes

Dyna Eggs Bryce

Dyna Candy

CP Deep Zoom

Cylinders Bryce

Custom Exponential

Cloudy Bubbles

Bubble Julia Set

Bubble Jumble

Bubble Julia Set #2

Bubble Critter

Newton Balloons

Atan Spirals

Extras Swirls

Bubble Rings

Newton Cloud


Newton Quaternion

Cubic Cloud


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