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Created with Montezuma, Paint Shop Pro and Bryce 6

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Sample Data Files for Montezuma (non-commercial & personal use only)

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aiwl bulbzoom2 cz4plusc gardening gardening_zoom
Alice in Wonderland Mandelbulb Zoom c*z^4+c (Mandelbulb Zoom) Gardening Gardening (Bryce)
juliat_zoom2 ma2_julia_zoom_m5 manbulb3_div2a manbulb_julia4 mandelbox
Juliat zoom z^2+c*z^5-c (Mandelbulb zoom) z^3+1/z^2+c Mandelbulb (Bryce) Mandelbulb Julia set (Bryce) 2nd degree Mandelbox
mandelbox2_zoom2 mandelbox3_zoom9 mandelbox3_zoom_zbuf mandelbox_poly mandelbox_zoom4
2nd Degree Mandelbox zoom (Bryce) 3rd Degree Mandelbox zoom 3rd Degree Mandelbox zoom (Bryce) 2nd Degree Mandelbox (Bryce) 2nd Degree Mandelbox Zoom
mandelbulb mandelbulb6_zoom mandelbulb6_zoom2a mandelbulb7_div8_zoom mandelbulb7_zoom_top
7th Degree Mandelbulb Mandelbulb zoom Mandelbulb zoom Mandelbulb zoom -- zbuffered export (Bryce) 7th degree Mandelbulb zoom