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Created with Mystic MandalaBeth and Bryce 6

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Sample Data Files for Mystic MandalaBeth (non-commercial & personal use only)

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m1034_Julia_45_atan m1034_Julia_99a m1034_ao2 m1034_bryce m1034_julia_ao_9
m1034 (Atan Coloring) m1034 Julia set m1034 m1034 (Bryce) m1034 Julia set
m1034_optimized12 m1034_pers m1034_zoom m1036 m1036_zoom
m1034 (Height Coloring) m1034 (Perspective enhanced) m1034 zoom m1036 m1036 zoom
m1524_9.5 m1524_strider2 m211_optimal m212_optimal2 m322a
m1524 (Perspective enhanced) m1524 (Bryce) m211 m212 m322