Fractals are everywhere.

When we look at clouds we sometimes play a game to see what creatures and objects the clouds resemble. From moment to moment the clouds move in metamorphosis from elephants to dragons to butterflies, in an ever-changing universe.

Infinity contains the seed that makes everything possible, including the wonder mathematicians called fractals. Clouds are floating fractals, tree branches are fractal extensions, and sea shells are fractal spirals. All living and nonliving things exhibit fractal structure, even the bland Euclidean geometry of smooth triangles and squares could be considered fractal in nature if you encompass all of the interwoven threads that make up its definitions. Human paths travel a fractal journey, from the simple moment of birth to the complex intricacies of social interactions, fractals surround us and revitalize us.

So just what is a fractal? The scientific definition of a fractal is anything that has a fractional dimension, like the coastline of England. But fractals are more than that.

Fractals are Life.



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