Poems written from 7/4/00 to 10/06/01. Graphics done with Fractal Zplot and QuaSZ. Post-processing in Paint Shop Pro 7 and Photoshop 5. Photos captured with Ricoh RDC-5300 and Canon Powershot Pro 90 IS digital cameras.


Primal Cloak

Graphing the Infinite

The Gardener In Repose

Rush Hour

The World As Contemplation

Welcome, Apocalypse

Passing Comet


The Drunk's Last Sup

Stress Management

The Unreasoning Season

No More, Mr. Wizard

A Clear Summer Day



Specialty Of the House

Coffebreak At Madonnas

Sky King

Beyond the Shroud


Every Utterance

Warm Grasses

Poem For Irma

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