Shall I place you on a pedestal?
Shall I make the world more aware
of your exquisite being --
The being lost to my sensuality
and your duality.

Clinging to the love I never knew
and the rosebuds turning amber
in a faded patchwork of noon sun.

Swirling in the tempest of time,
shifting sea gulls in the far distant skies;
Celebrate forever! cause to cause
lip to lip our essences meld
and become the born sunshine aflame --
aflame, blotting out the Rosicrucians
and the screwy equinox. . . .

Laugh my love: part your veils
and roam my stars, the stars of Rome
when Caesar reigned and feasting all
the rage. . . . Ha, rotund babies silken
skin, cloistered in a velvet dress --
underneath, the touchstone of the ages.

And in one more life we meet,
king and queen for all the sillies;
one final romp in pages too dear, too. Ooh.

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Page 1 (Black Book: Light Heart)