Index of First Lines

All over America

Always in transit

A man is nothing

And God said, Thou Shalt Not Kill

Drunk with the world, Rimbaud

Evergreen, we found our love

Five-pointed maple leaves dancing brightly

If I say "I love you" could I

Images you could drown in a trashcan

I might start writing again

In the earliest calm of March

I saw myself split into two shadows

I wonder at the world

Lady of the moon drops

Now without stopping we can say

On a cell day, you can see the leaves

Shall I place you on a pedestal?

Slowly the tide comes back

Solemness at the edge of desert

Someday long after I am gone

The month is almost ended now.

This is how he finished it:

Wait for the rocks to roll

We roll our toys away

When the mind is a poem

When you've heard all you wanted to hear


You don't have to pretend

You knew the myth and the spell:

You need the feeling of regret




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