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Created with Cubics DE, Paint Shop Pro and Bryce 6

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Sample Data Files for Cubics DE (non-commercial & personal use only)

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beachhead_de bluebird_br bridgeway caverns_de2 concealed
beachhead_de.jpg bluebird_br.jpg bridgeway.jpg caverns_de2.jpg concealed.jpg
coral_de crossover cubic3_br cubic3a cubic8_3
coral_de.jpg crossover.jpg cubic3_br.jpg cubic3a.jpg cubic8_3.jpg
cubicmanb7 cubicmanb7_zoom2a cubicmanb7_zooma cubicmanbc7 cubicmanbc_br
cubicmanb7.jpg cubicmanb7_zoom2a.jpg cubicmanb7_zooma.jpg cubicmanbc7.jpg cubicmanbc_br.jpg
cubics_de cubicunion cubicunion2 dropzone_de encore_de
cubics_de.jpg cubicunion.jpg cubicunion2.jpg dropzone_de.jpg encore_de.jpg
firstcontact_de hennesy_de hoopla_de juliatcj landsend_de
firstcontact_de.jpg hennesy_de.jpg hoopla_de.jpg juliatcj.jpg landsend_de.jpg