RSK (Reference System K) x64

Fractal Generation in Ten-Dimensional Space-Time

RSK was developed to express different fractal determinate forms. Based on Walter J. Bishop's Theory of the 42s, Reference System K is the reference frame in which determinate patterns of energy create electrons and quarks.

RSK x64 was rewritten to take advantage of the new generation of 64-bit computers now on the market. As such it is over twice as fast as the 32 bit model (in QS 3D mode.) Export models can be up to 10 million faces or more, unsimplified, limited only by the amount of system memory available. Caveats: the 64 bit model has a different structure alignment and larger pointer size, so data files (.zp) produced with the 32 bit model are incompatible with this version. There is, however, a transfer routine in the latest 32 bit version of RSK that allows most of the parameters in older .zp files to be converted to a format RSK x64 can load. RSK x64 runs only on 64-bit Windows.

Features of RSK x64:

  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • Complete sequencial instructions for creating basic shapes to get started quickly. 
  • Distance estimator for fast and accurate rendering of quaternions (QS 3D)
  • 3D Quaternion exports:
    • Wavefront object format [OBJ]
    • Lightflow mesh [LFM]
    • Virtual reality [WRL]
    • Triangle object [POV]
    • AutoCad [DXF]
    • Composite RSK [OBJ, POV]
  • Easy color adjustments
  • Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating between key frames
  • Animation tutorial
  • Context help for menu commands and dialog windows
  • PDF (printable) Manual

A trial version of RSK x64 is available. This contains most of the features of the full version, except that the image size is limited to 320X320 and the precision of 3D object exports is fixed at 1000 steps. The trial version is for evaluation purposes only. Click here for more info.


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