Quetzal uses the OpenGL library to set up a simple 3D scene using quaternions and lsystems as the main foreground objects.    

Features of Quetzal:

  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • Quaternion and lsystem objects are created randomly and converted to Wavefront .obj files which can be scaled or rotated by Quetzal or exported to 3D programs like Bryce and Amorphium.
  • Additions to the OpenGL library include routines for including reflections and planar shadows in the scene, for enhanced realism.
  • Choice of built-in textures or bitmap [BMP] texturing
  • Import object [OBJ] or lsystem [LS] files from other programs such as QuaSZ and Fractal Zplot.
  • You can use the figure Pilot to rotate and move objects around, and the integrated video routines will track each movement to create an AVI video file.
  • Context help for menu commands and dialog windows

Information on purchasing this program can be found on the Packages page.


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