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All programs come with email support and bug fixes (or minor updates) for the life of the product. The generators have been successfully tested on most Windows systems including Windows 7 (64-bit), Win-9x, Win-ME, Win-2K and Win-XP (except QuaSZ Mac, iDynaMaSZ, iVizionaire, MacOrbits and iSwirlique which have been tested on OS 10.3.9 and 10.4.9 PPC . Before purchasing, please check the demo copies of each program for your system's compatibility.)

Once you conclude a purchase, you will receive a user name and password to download the files via the Download button. Information to download programs is sent via email, usually within 24 hours of receipt of an order. Please make sure that your email address is current with PayPal if ordering through PayPal. You cannot be reached with the download info if you have changed email addresses without updating your PayPal account. On rare occasions a domain or email address is unreachable from or Yahoo, in which case the download info is left with PayPal (along with a small refund.) Sometimes, spam blockers will discard the email containing download info, so it is important to keep the spam-blocker settings low enough to prevent this happening or turn off said blockers when ordering online.

Ordering: Besides PayPal, other payment methods can be arranged, such as by check or money order. Please contact us via email if you'd like to arrange an alternate payment form.

64-Bit Windows Programs


Mystic MandalaBeth 3-D

Hydra DE


Fractal Imaginator x64


Cubics DE

Pod DE

Fractal Orbits x64

RSK x64

Orca x64

Swirlique x64

Fractal Zplot x64

QuaSZ x64

Fractal ViZion x64

Fractal Lab x64 & Crocus x64

Mantra x64

Crocus x64


Quantum Imaginator

Moquela x64

Orca IM x64

DynaMaSZ 2 x64

Firefly IM x64

Fractal Orbits IM

Quantum Zplot


32-Bit Windows Programs


Fractal Imaginator

Fractal Zplot



Fractal ViZion

Fractal Orbits

Fractal Lab & Crocus 4





DynaMaSZ 2


OS X Programs

QuaSZ Mac (OS X)

iViZionaire (OS X)

MacOrbits (OS X)

iSwirlique (OS X)

iDynaMaSZ(OS X)

MacOrca (OS X)
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