Moquela (Quaternion Modeling System)

Moquela uses the OpenGL library to display quaternions and other quad types as 3D objects    

Features of Moquela:

  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • Quad objects can be created and edited with fractal parameters, or generated randomly
  • Supports all QuaSZ fractal types (including "Custom Quad"), built-in formula set (200+ formulas) and formula parser
  • Import fractal data from QuaSZ, Hydra, Cubics and PodME.
  • Fractals are automatically converted to Wavefront .obj files which can be scaled or rotated in "real" time
  • 3D object exports:
    • Wavefront object format [OBJ]
    • Smooth Triangle mesh [POV]
  • Up to ten figures can be combined into one composite model
  • Context help for menu commands and dialog windows
  • PDF (printable) Manual

Information on purchasing this program can be found on the Packages page.

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