MiSZle is an interactive program that generates fractal images based on 4X4 matrices, and other fractal types.   MiSZle currently supports the Mandelbrot set, Julia sets, and Phoenix curves, with millions of mapping variations.

Features of MiSZle:

  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • 50 Built in Formulas
  • Detailed Parser information for creating your own custom formulas
  • 3D matrix exports:
    • Wavefront object format [OBJ]
    • Lightflow mesh [LFM]
    • Virtual reality [WRL]
    • Triangle object [POV]
    • AutoCad [DXF]
  • Palette-based coloring methods
  • Perlin noise generator for realistic textures
  • Adjustable lighting model with Phong highlights
  • Random image generators and random formula generator
  • Batch mode for unattended image creation
  • Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating between key frames
  • AVI object options for exporting single frames as 3D object files
  • Pilot for easy panning, zooming and rotating
  • Midi support for translating fractal data into fractal music
  • Separate user-defined folders for file types like palettes, textures, objects and drawings
  • Context help for menu commands and dialog windows
  • MiSZle uses the same built-in formulas and quad math as the original DynaMaSZ. Therefore quaternion images may be exported to DynaMaSZ for additional processing by changing the data file extension from msz to dsz.
  • PDF (printable) Manual

Information on purchasing this program can be found on the Packages page.



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