Fractal ViZion x64

Fractal ViZion x64 was rewritten to take advantage of the new generation of 64-bit computers now on the market. As such it is 30-40% faster than the 32 bit model, in 3D mode, and up to 3-4 times faster in 2D mode. Caveats: the 64 bit model has a different structure alignment and larger pointer size, so data files (.zp) produced with the 32 bit model are incompatible with this version. There is, however, a transfer routine in the latest 32 bit version of Fractal ViZion that allows most of the parameters in older .zp files to be converted to a format Fractal ViZion x64 can load. Fractal ViZion x64 runs only on 64-bit Windows. Note: Data files produced with Fractal ViZion x64 can also be loaded into Fractal Zplot x64, and vice versa, though some features and options found in Fractal Zplot x64 are not supported by Fractal ViZion x64

Fractal ViZion was designed to create true-color fractals and videos using built-in formulas, 3D fractal types and random rendering methods. Newly updated and easy to use, Fractal ViZion was designed to make advanced fractal creation accessible to anyone who can use a television and vcr. Enjoy the show!

Features of Fractal ViZion:

  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • 19 channels of fractal types:
    • Julia1
    • Julia 2
    • Escher
    • Bubbles and Stalks
    • Quaternion 1
    • Quaternion 2
    • Cubic Mandelbrot 1
    • Cubic Mandelbrot 2
    • Cubic Julia
    • Octonion 1
    • Octonion 2
    • Quat Trap
    • Height Fields
    • 3D Landscape (random displacement)
    • 3D Lsystems
    • 3D Orbital fractals
    • Newton / Halley
    • Hypercomplex
    • IFS slide show
  • 208 Built in Formulas + FraSZle Formula set
  • 8 Mandelbulb 3D formulas (trig and non-trig sine and cosine versions)
  • Detailed Parser information for creating your own custom formulas
  • Palette-based coloring methods
  • Perlin noise generator for realistic textures
  • Adjustable lighting model with Phong highlights
  • Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating between key frames
  • Separate user-defined folders for file types like palettes, lsystems and drawings
  • Html Context help for menu commands and dialog windows
  • PDF (printable) Manual

Fractal Vizion x64 (Free Download)

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