Fractal Projector

Fractal Projector is an iterative program for generating fractal images based on 3X3 matrices. A Latin square is combined with a sign matrix and the composite matrix is iterated the same as a complex or quad variable.   The wide variety of matrices that can be constructed with L & S components allows for a robust set of fractal possibilities.  All mathematical operations in Fractal Projector involve whole matrices, and power series are utilized for transcendental and trig functions.

Features of Fractal Projector:

  • Getting Started Tutorial
  • 51 Built in Formulas
  • 3D object exports:
    • Wavefront object format [OBJ]
    • Lightflow mesh [LFM]
    • Virtual reality [WRL]
    • Triangle object [POV]
    • AutoCad [DXF]
  • Palette-based and generalized (32-bit) coloring methods
  • External rendering libraries [RLL] for elaborate surface texturing
  • Perlin noise generator for realistic textures
  • Adjustable lighting model with Phong highlights
  • Random image generators and random rendering option
  • Batch mode for unattended image creation
  • Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating between key frames
  • AVI object options for exporting single frames as 3D object files
  • Pilot for easy panning, zooming and rotating
  • Separate user-defined folders for file types like palettes, textures, objects and drawings
  • Context help for menu commands and dialog windows

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