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This is the part that makes all of it worthwhile, hearing your kind comments and seeing the great things you're doing with my programs. Thank you so much, everyone!

Fractal Orbits is an awesome program


Please stand-up and receive the accolades of applause that I am sending your way. I really appreciate the wonderful features that you built into this software. I can tell from how smoothly this program works that you have a love for what you do.

In Admiration of Your Work!!

Leland Anderson

I have used FractalZPlot and DofoZon Elite for several years. They are the most powerful and versatile fractal software on the market. From them I have derived wonder, enjoyment, inspiration... the word priceless is used so irresponsibly these days but it truly applies in this case. Awesome sofware!


You make something extremely complex and difficult look breezingly easy:

What fun for the brain, this.......... and I truly mean it: Thanks very

Regards: Natalie


Caro Terry,
sto usando il tuo programma <<Dofo-Zon Elite>> e mi devo complimentare con
Il programma è serio ed anche molto veloce nell'elaborazione.

Domenico Nadile

THANK YOU for your Fractal Vizion.   i'm still exploring it, but i'm already amazed with it!

mainly i enjoy quaternions and with your program is very easy to work with them.

besy wishes.

keep developing wonderful software!!!


Thank you for Fractal ViZion.   I made these chocolates with the quaternion mode.   Enjoy.


Terry, I wanted you to know that I was having fun with Fractal Vizion last night.   I have a "statue art" page, and I used your program to make two of them:

Hi Terry,

congratulations, Pod ME looks very pretty, i like the colours, you choosed for the title-pictures and it works very well.   I am proud to participate in the development of this program, becoming a part of the fractal movement.


hi terry:   My name is john wessel.   Ive been using your wonderful programs for about 2 yrs.   I also use amapi, bryce, and wings 3d along with povray and some more obscure apps.   I was dropping you an email to express my gratitude for your marvelous software.
In the mean time, thanks again for your note, and most of all, for making developing as interesting and captivating a suite of programs as you have with the Quaternion package.

Terry Halladay - Literature Manager
William Reese Company - Rare Books and Manuscripts

I want you to know how much I enjoyed getting to start to know FIREFLY.   The hardest thing about that program is turning it off

Bob Richie

I am a very big fan of your wonderful generator software.   Many images in my gallery were made with FractalViZion and FractalZPlot.

Mindy Sommers
Ringmistress, The Fractal Artists' Ring


I just wanted to say thank you very much for your free fractal program "Fractal Vizion" it is too very cool.

I am having a great time making fractals and it has so many options as far as different algorithims to choose from.

I am new to fractals and this is my first day attempts.

Please accept my heart felt thanks for this opportunity to have a great time with imagery.   I have always wanted to do this sort of thing.


Great program, your Dofo-Zon Elite.
I've seen a lot of fractal programs over the past ten years, but yours seems to be the most complete of them all.

I was pleasently surprised to see you even incorporated Lsystems in the way Laurens Lapre and I did in the Lparser project back 1996.

Keep up the good work,
Highest regards,
Cees van der Mark,
The Netherlands,

Your customer support is superb and it is a pleasure during business with you. 

Jimmy R Isum

Thanks for your help. These are terrific products!

best regards,

Pete Fisher

Got 'em, Terry. Everything installed and ran ok... Now I'll go
have some fun.


Recently I purchased QuaSZ and have to say that I love it!! I am totally at a loss with formula's but luckely there are the random parameters ;-)

Again, QuaSZ rules!! :-)

Menno Jansen
The Netherlands

I do love your software - it's great, I understand how to use it, and I get wonderful fractals.

Anna Rice

(Re: QuaSZ) May I congratulate you on the sophistication...and yet ease...of this program, Terry.

I use Xerodream, UltraFractal and the freebie, Apophysis, mostly...and am impressed with the variety and formulations your program offers.


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